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Training&Development Programmes
  • 3D2N/2D1N/1 Day/Half Day Corporate Teambuilding Adventure
  • 3D2N/2D1N/1 Day/Half Day Government Teambuilding Adventure
  • 3D2N/2D1N/1 Day/Half Day Youth Teambuilding Program
  • 3D2N Summer Camp Program
  • 1 Day or 1/2 Day Teambuilding Course
Non-Training Programmes
  • 2D1N/1 Day Family Day
  • 1D Meeting/Seminar Package
Incentive Programmes Jungle Trekking/Sewang Dance/Blow pipe demo
Rainforest Tour Jungle Trekking +  Lunch
Jungle Paintball Half Day activity. The participant will be provided paintball marker, CO2 canister, body protector, pellets (200pcs), Face Mask, Marshall,
Outdoor Amazing Race 3 - 4 hours Amazing Race in Jungle Lodge.
Outdoor&Indoor Management Games Spider Web, The Poles, Atlantis, The Lost World, The Famous Character, Night Walk Adventure, Music In Camp, Ice Breaking activity, Team Formation,
Jungle Outdoor Survival with Orang Asli (Aboriginal) 2D 1N / 3D 2N Training Programme.

Participants will be taught on how to stay in the Green Living Concept where they will be introduced a few traditional ways of living without wasting carbon footprint. All the equipment will 100% be collected in the Jungle. Below are the activties:

  1. Traditional Bamboo Cooking Technique - Theory & practical assignment in Outdoor-Survival Cooking using natural elements like branches, bamboo & bertam as cooking utensil to cook fish & chicken over open fire.
  1. Learn the art of fire-starting using wax, twigs and wood shavings. The instructor/Orang Asli will demonstrate the correct usage of how to start a fire in the outdoor.
  1. Learn to cook rice, chicken & vegetables in underground fire: The orang Asli will demonstrate the correct technique to cook chicken underground.
  1. Participants will be learnt on how to create the Bertam weaving leave. There will be a demo on how to weave the Bertam Leave to make Roof with Orang Asli.
  1. Handicraft–Orang Asli will also teach the participants on how to weave the Garland & Head gear.

Jungle Trekking

Guided tracking through primary forest to learn about some of the 15,000 plant species and the animals and insects that inhabit it. The famous trek is the river and jungle trail to the Sg. Pisang Waterfall, the Wild Boar trail, the Giant Tortoise and the World War II Bunker trail.

Jungle Trekking
River Trekking
River Crossing

Night Walk
Take a guided night walk through the jungle and discover her nocturnal secrets.

Camp out under the stars while you cook meals over your own fire.

Abseiling at Sg. Pisang Waterfall
Abseil over a splendid 30m waterfall at Sg Pisang. It provides both physical & mental challenges, thus making it an excellent activity for the purpose of teambuilding or motivational purposes


Jungle Survivor with Orang Asli (Aboriginal)
There will outdoor activity  where the partcipants  will be exposed  on traditional bamboo cooking, trap making, making a craft, garland & head gear making, finding herbs, blow pipe, akar kayu & fishing technique (catch & release).


Blow Pipe


JL 2


Bamboo Cooking


Flying Fox at Sg. Pisang Waterfall
An interesting adventure activity suitable for young people to discover their talents & mind limitation.

Flying Fox
Flying Fox
Flying Fox
Flying Fox
Flying Fox
Flying Fox
Flying Fox
Flying Fox


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